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Sudan Cinema Club

Sudan Cinema Club promotes the art and culture of Cinema, and aspires to enhance the public’s perception and appreciation of films.

The “Khartoum Film Society” was first launched in 1957 by some British lecturers at the University of Khartoum. It remained active for some years, frequented mostly by members of the university community.

In 1968 the Society was reinvigorated and renamed “Sudan Cinema Club”, and registered as a cultural society. The military regime soon closed down the Club and confiscated all equipments. Later, the Club reopened. In the eighties it had a huge membership and established Cinema Clubs in the cities of Port Sudan, Atbara, Gedaref, Duiem, Kosti, Obeid, Geniena and Juba. In the Nineties the military regime rendered the Club inactive for a very long period. In 2000 the club resumed its function and is still struggling to maintain its objectives.


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