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Sudan Cinema Club

Inauguration of The First Film Studio


Inauguration of the First Film Studio in Sudan, Omdurman, 1968

The activities of the Sudan Film Unit in the fifties and sixties were carried out in the offices of the building of the Ministry of Information and Labour. The offices were adapted to the needs of the different departments of the Film Unit.The professional and modern film Studio, built by the US-AID was inaugurated in 1968. Beside the staff offices there was the well equipped laboratory for processing and printing 35mm and 16mm, the sound studio, the positive and negative editing rooms, the projection theaters, the stores for chemical materials, for film and sound stock, for shooting equipment and for spare parts. There was the maintenance department and the film library.

The film Studio was managed by the Administeration for Cinema Production which was under the Ministry of Culture and Information. The Studio was the center of film production in Sudan till the end of the eighties, after which it was neglected for a very long time and later appropriated by the National Corporation for Radio and Television. The Corporation got rid of the  staff as well as the film quipments and has made changes to the  inner structure of the building to accommodate its employees.









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